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The clients for whom we work are: particulars, individual businesses, associations, federations, foundations, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, public services, national, international and multinational businesses. For a quick look, click here.

We are also active in a multitude of environments, always adapting our contribution to the needs of our clients. By giving us their confidence, each client takes on board loyal and effective team members. This is the way we conceive our role and work.

We have an experience as diverse as the respective activities of our clients. Thanks to our international clients, we have a daily grasp of the world-wide market, which is an enormous advantage. We also have the opportunity to regularly develop and train more unusual skills, for example, designing and executing within short deadlines world-wide protection programmes, contractual high-level sponsoring environment, audit and optimization of portfolios, on demand creation of new trademarks.