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Acquiring or selling rights

The only means to avoid any uncertainty when it comes to selling and acquiring rights, associated or not with the transfer of a company, or granting or receiving a licence to use the rights, or avoidance or conclusion of a dispute, is to rely on a rigorous analysis of the matter and on a solid contract. This is what we endeavour to provide.

We perform audits, as part of acquisitions or transactions, or simply to test a portfolio and to suggest means of optimization. The audit and any optimization tests are always more complex to carry out than the day-to-day management of an existing portfolio, but the principles of its healthy structure remain the same and enable us to identify any anomalies that may exist.

With any contract both parties generally wish to conclude and sign rapidly. However, the measure of a good contract is its ability to guide both parties to a solution in cases where tension exists. Occasionally, the intervention of a judge or an arbitration panel becomes unavoidable. It is at this stage that a well-structured contract gives the judge a better understanding of what originally brought the parties to sign the contract, even when several years have passed between signing the contract and initiating any litigation. All contracts written by us are driven by the principle that the smooth running and termination of the contract are as important as its signing.