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Defending rights is not an end in itself, it is the company's interests that must be defended

Litigation is inevitably expensive and is very rarely profitable. We focus at all times on our clients' best interests and therefore strive to reach settlements and avoid litigation whenever it is possible.

Reaching an acceptable agreement is however achieved by bilateral negotiations. If reasonable efforts do not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, both parties are then compelled to go to court. Experience has shown us that courts tend to be more sympathetic to the arguments of the party who have been more reasonable and less sympathetic towards the party who have been uncompromising.

Avoiding litigation can often be achieved by intervening rapidly, i.e. before a third party become commercially committed and have invested too much to be able to modify their plans. In this respect, we put into place trademark watch services. In order to cut the reaction time to a minimum and to enable us to obtain the most rapid intervention possible, we filter the information and e-mail to our clients any problematic marks, adding well-documented information, our comments and our recommendation of the action to be taken. Our client then has a concise report detailing all that is necessary for them to make an informed decision in as short a time as possible, and to provide us with their instructions.