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Deploying and optimizing the rights judiciously

Every company exists in an evolving environment. In our domain, the two primary dimensions are: the competitive climate and the geographical scope. We provide our clients with our extensive know-how for :

  • establishing a secure working environment for the company by means of an adequate protection
  • enabling this protection to evolve over time

In a constantly changing environment, static protection is either perpetually insufficient or over-sized from conception. In order to provide our clients with protection that is always in phase with the actual use on the market, we have developed a truly dynamic protective approach.

The company's strategy and the funds available for the protection of its marketing environment are the two fundamental requirements that direct our actions. It is our function to conceive and propose the most suitable dynamic approach for our clients' protection, constructing this within the given time frame and budget.

Our working methods, based on programmed anticipation, require interaction with our client, ensuring that any dialogue is meaningful and regular. This is achieved by us providing :

  • regular status of the rights portfolio enabling an analysis from multiple and even personalized criteria
  • timely expiry reminders accompanied by analysis and recommendation for appropriate action
  • regular updated coverage programmes and budgets in accordance with our clients' latest strategic policy