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Rights are effective when they are well created

Creators of Rights. This is our profession, our daily work. As professionals, we carry out thoroughly, rigorously and consistently a multitude of operations with one objective in mind: the creation of an efficient and effective right. Wide experience and intensive practice enable us to manage complex situations and to propose, if necessary, innovative solutions. Our specialized area of business concerns critical decision-making. We bring to our clients confidence, ensuring that by being well informed, well advised and strongly supported, they make the choices best suited to their interests at the most competitive rates.

From first contact to the creation of a new right, the chain of operations is generally as follows:

  • telephone conversation or meeting, to identify the clients' needs and the purpose of the new right
  • determination of the project time scale and indication of an appropriate budget
  • preliminary investigation (marks, designs, firm names, domain names, Internet) to verify the basic availability of the new right
  • proposing and identifying the version of the object to be protected
  • defining the products and/or services to be included in the protection and approval of the budget
  • filing and creating the right
  • extensive and thorough investigation before commencement of use
  • continued support and monitoring for our clients' best interests