Constantly re-evaluating a right in order to better develop and exploit its value

The rights of a technical nature (patents) or artistic nature (copyrights) can generate revenue stemming from licences of use granted to third parties. In this case, we can talk of a direct value given to the rights. However, to give a direct value to rights of a competitive nature (marks, designs) is generally less adaptable, or not adaptable at all. The value given to such rights is essentially indirect and results from the capitalization of the notoriety of the mark and of its attractiveness to others.

If the protection is well conceived and organized, the capitalization of the fame and notoriety is more easily achievable, consequently exerting an influence on the value and the exploitation of the right.

Clearly, these aspects are at the heart of any company's strategy. Our involvement is focused on providing the management with the best tools to put its strategy into practice. Our extensive experience in this area is illustrated on our « Portfolio » page.

Finally, determination of value of rights can also mean to simply add the rights to the owner's balance sheet. With this in mind, we have developed a system that enables us to provide the most pertinent information to our clients.